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Flag Germany

Germany Flag Germany Flag
Germany Flag
Germany Flag
Germany Flag Germany Flag

Germany Flag

Germany Flag

Federal Republic of Germany (Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
357,020 km²
3:5 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Germany-Flag:

An origin of the colors black, red and gold is also in the wars of liberation against Napoleon in 1813, namely in the uniforms of the Lützow Free Corps. The corps sat mostly composed of students who formed the anti-occupation of Germany by France (see also the first student fraternity). Since the volunteers came under the Prussian Major Adolf von Lützow from all over Germany and from there brought very different uniforms and civilian clothes, was the only way to make a uniform clothing, the different colored uniforms black coloring. There were also golden (brass colored) buttons, and finally red facings and dash. Contributed to the popularization of the fact that the colors were the same as the flag of the Kingdom of the Holy Roman Empire.

This color scheme is also confirmed by a (historically authentic) pronouncement of the wars of liberation:

From the dark (black) of servitude through bloody (red) battles to the golden (gold) light of freedom. Flag at the Hambach Festival with gold up (1832)

On 17 June 1813 came the troops of the "Black Hunter" at Fawns (near Leipzig) in an ambush of the French, and was wiped out almost entirely. On 12 Founded in June 1815, seven students who had served in the Lützow Free Corps and now active in various corps of the SC were to Jena, along with other nationalist student fraternity to the Jena (Honor, Freedom, Fatherland). These seven students chose the colors black, red and gold, the colors of the fraternity. In the Bill of Rights states: "Mindful that at Wartburg Festival 1817 the youthful joys and always the seriousness of life is to remember they determine red and black, the colors of their paniers".

On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the Battle of Leipzig, 18th- October 1817, about 500 students, the fraternity and some professors from many German states covered under the slogan "Only as a whole is salvation", with the red-black-red flag (gold were merely the fringes and an oak branch in the black stripe) to the Wartburg in Eisenach (Wartburg Festival), to demonstrate for freedom and a unified empire. Of 27 to 30 May 1832 30,000 people demonstrated at the Hambach Festival for national and democratic goals and led the first time a black-red-gold flag with him. The inscription in the middle red part "Germany's rebirth" was the goal of the parties clearly, the establishment of a German national state.

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