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Flag Bhutan

Bhutan Flag Bhutan Flag
Bhutan Flag
Bhutan Flag
Bhutan Flag Bhutan Flag

Bhutan Flag

Bhutan Flag

Kingdom of Bhutan, Druk Yul
46,500 km²
Dzongkha (official), Bhotes speak various Tibetan dialects, Nepalese speak various Nepalese dialects
2:3 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Bhutan-Flag:

The flag is known since the 19th century. It is diagonal divided, and shows in the midle ? above all ? a white dragon. The tibetan word for Bhutan is "Druk Yul", what means "dragon reich". The flag showed initially the colors orange-red and auburn.

Perhaps in the year 1962 were made in the flag any changes. The above the diagonal severance lying down dragon looks since them away from the flagpole, and the auburn in the flag was substituted by saffron.

The dragon holds in every of his claws a ball, and stands for the universe. That ball, which is a little bit holded up by the dragon should be the globe, and in some reproductions strike even flames out of him. Saffron stands, how actually in the whole back Asian area, for the secular might of the king, and orange-rot for the spiritual might of the Buddhism. The white color embodies tidiness and honesty. The flag is frequently made in the ratio 2:3, too.

The coat of arms of Bhutan was new designed in the year 1980. It appears solely in the colors black and white. It shows the "Khorlo", the buddhistic wheel of lore, or even wheel of law, a symbol for the might of the monarchy. The wheel is protected by two dragons. They stand each for the secular and spiritual authority. Below the wheel is a lotus flower positioned between the dragons, a buddhistic emblem. Above the wheel is to see the gem "Umbrella". By other sources this should be a parasol, a buddhistic protection sign, but probably this interpretation is an unlucky verbatim translation of the word "Umbrella". The four cantons of the coat of arms stand for the landscapes of Bhutan.

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