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Flag Belgium

Belgium Flag Belgium Flag
Belgium Flag
Belgium Flag
Belgium Flag Belgium Flag

Belgium Flag

Belgium Flag

Kingdom of Belgium, Royaume de Belgique/Koninkrijk Belgie
30,528 km²
Dutch (official) 60%, French (official) 40%, German (official) less than 1%, legally bilingual (Dutch and French)
13:15 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Belgium-Flag:

The flag of Belgium is a tricolor in the colors black, yellow and red.

Design of the Belgian flag

The colors of the Duchy of Brabant were transferred to the Belgian flag, the vertical arrangement of the strip is based on the flag of France. The similar color scheme with the black-red-gold flag of Germany is purely coincidental.

History of the Belgian flag

The flag was adopted on 23 Adopted in January 1831, shortly after Belgium had acquired in the 1830 revolution its independence from the Netherlands. In revolt against the Dutch played the colors play an important role as a reminder of the unsuccessful struggle for independence in 1789 in the Austrian Netherlands. At that time, the Belgians used the colors in different military colors. On 11 January 1790 proclaimed United States of Belgium led a horizontal tricolor in the order red, yellow and black. That same year, the Brabant revolution was put down by Austrian troops.

The black-yellow-red tricolor was Édouard Ducpétiaux and Lucien Jotrand the first 26th August 1830 hoisted at the town hall of Brussels. The official recognition of the provisional government in January it. Here, the vertical arrangement was decided.

The International Association of the Congo, the Congo Free State and the Belgian Congo, later used a flag with a five-pointed yellow star on a blue background. The flag was modeled on the current flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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