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Flag Angola

Angola Flag Angola Flag
Angola Flag
Angola Flag
Angola Flag Angola Flag

Angola Flag

Angola Flag

Republic of Angola, República de Angola
1,246,700 km²
Portuguese (official), Bantu and other African languages
2:3 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Angola-Flag:

The national flag was introduced at the 11th of November 1975 after the independence from Portugal. It bases on the flag of the MPLA, the successful liberation-movement, which flows since 1964 a horizontal red-black striped flag with a golden star. Now the flag has a halve cogwheel in the middle, a star and a machete.

Red stands for the in the fight for freedom given blood, black stands for Africa the dark continent, and gold (yellow) adverts to the natural resources of the country. The cogwheel symbolizes the working class, the machete stands for the farmers and the star for progress and internationalism.

The coat of arms of Angola was introduced, likewise the flag, in 1975. It shows as well the machete crossed with a hoe, symbolizing the work and the start of the armed fight. Above that the yellow star. Its five jags stand for unity, freedom, justice, democracy and progress. The rising sun below the tools represents the nascence of the new nation. The opened book is symbol for education and culture. The coat of arms is bordered by a black, half cogwheel, as well as corn plants and coffee and cotton twigs. It was slightly changed in 1992, as the name of the state in the golden ribbon below the coat of arms changes from "Repúblika Popular de Angola" into "Repúblika de Angola".

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