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Flag Andorra

Andorra Flag Andorra Flag
Andorra Flag
Andorra Flag
Andorra Flag Andorra Flag

Andorra Flag

Andorra Flag

Principality of Andorra, Principat d'Andorra
Andorra la Vella
468 km²
Catalan (official), French, Castilian, Portuguese
7:10 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Andorra-Flag:

The flag of Andorra was hoisted up for the first time in the today's pattern ? three vertical stripes in blue, yellow and red, in the yellow stripe the coat of arms ? in the year 1866. Ostensibly it was designed by emperor Napoleon III. The flag joins the colors blue and red, two colors of the French tricolor, and the colors yellow and red, the Spanish colors. The styling of this flag should better express the French influence of the country. Anyhow substitutes this tricolor the Andorra's flag from 1806, which showed the traditional colors of the country, yellow and red, in vertical arrangement. This are the colors of the earls of Foix and even of the bishop of Urgel.

The coat of arms of Andorra is quartered, and shows in the individual fields a miter (=> Urgel), three red poles (=> Foix), four red poles (=> Roussillon) and two cows (=> Béarn). In the country are to see various variants of the flag, even partly with and partly without coat of arms. From this coat of arms are known two variants ? once with crown, once without crown, however instead the crown with a abundant adornment around the blazon ? which both could be to see on flags. The reasons for that could be the following:
1.) In the year 1993 was adopted a new constitution, in which Andorra garanties full sovereignty. Before Andorra was a kind of French-Spanish feud state. Maybe that the crown was deleted from the coat of arms in this context, because hers character as feudalistic symbol.
2.) There are traditional differences between the Spanish and the French speaking population in Andorra, which use partially their own heraldry.

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