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Flag Albania

Albania Flag Albania Flag
Albania Flag
Albania Flag
Albania Flag Albania Flag

Albania Flag

Albania Flag

Republic of Albania, Republika e Shqiperise
28,748 km²
Albanian (Tosk is the official dialect), Greek
5:7 (height x width)


Meaning and origin of the Albania-Flag:

The flag of Albania goes directly back to the national hero Skanderbeg. He was from noble origin, and was called really George Kastriota. He led an anti Turkish revolt between the years 1443 and 1468, after the every more extending Osmanic Empire since 1385 struggled down the Epirus, the remainding Territory of Byzantium, and started therewith to submit the territory of the today's Albania. During the revolt Skanderbeg used red flags with a black twin-headed eagle. Probably Skanderbeg was inspired from the Byzantian flag. Ostensibly should have played a role, too, the legend, that the Albanians are descendants of the eagles.

After the declaration of independence from the Osmanic Empire on the 28th of November in 1912, they remember the old flag, and introduced a red flag, with a black twin-headed eagle and a six-jagged star above. The star should remember the Albanians, that they, equally which religion they have, have the same sky above the heads. As the German prince Wilhelm zu Wied get in 1914 prince of Albania, they changed the flag a few, because as now belongs to the Albanian territory a part of the old Epirus, were added the this land representing ever four golden flashes in the claws of the eagle.

As on 1st of September in 1928 Ahmed Zogu gets Albanian king, he has caused a changing of the flag. The white star and the flashes became removed, and instead of the star was placed the golden helmet of Skanderbegs. As Italy occupied in 1939 Albania, the flag of Albania was changed again: The Albanian crown became added to the eagle, just as two black Lictor bundles. The anti Italian resistance, under communist command, used likewise the red flag with the eagle, in which was placed above the eagle a yellow bordered five-jagged star. This flag was officially introduced on 15th of March in 1946 in context with the founding of the people's republic. With the resignation of the last communist president the star was deleted from the flag on 7th of April in 1992.

In context with the founding of the people's republic was introduced another coat of arms, too. The eagle gets surrounded by ears, and above the eagle was placed, like on the flag, a red yellow-bordered five-jagged star. The ears were bonded with a red ribbon, which contained the date 24th of May in 1944. On this Day gets formed in Permeti a so named "anti faschistic liberation commission".

On the 7th of April in 1992 was initially removed the ribbon with the date and the star, however is in use since the 22nd of May in 1993 only the black twin-headed eagle in a red shield.

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